What’s My Style?

Your Design Style is: Minimalist

You’re all about the principle that form follows function and the idea that less is more.

As a Minimalist at heart, you prefer an interior space with no clutter and very few decorative objects and furnishings. You tend to choose color palettes that are muted; preferring black, white and grays. It’s not uncommon for you to add a bold pop of a single color to liven up your space. With regard to furnishings, you gravitate toward pieces that are geometric in shape with sleek lines, manufactured in natural materials such as stone, marble, wood and steel.

You may be interested in these products:

Fasade Current in Gloss White
Benjamin Moore Pure White Paint
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If these design principles don’t fully resonate with you, your design preferences may fall into one of the following styles:

Fasade Current in Cracked Copper

Mid-Century Modern Design Style

Like Minimalism, Mid-Century Design Style focuses on minimal ornamentation and embellishments. Although with both decorating styles, sleek lines and natural surfaces converge, Mid-Century Modern furnishings tend to be slightly whimsical and organic in shape and have a larger focus on comfort. In this design style, you’ll see lots of fun colors like teal, red, orange, yellow and green – another distinction between the two styles.

Genesis Drifts in White

Scandinavian Design Style

Like Minimalism, Scandinavian Design incorporates sleek, minimalist décor with classic functionality. Scandinavian Design deviates from the cold, uninviting aesthetic of Minimalism by bringing organic shapes, warm whites and natural colors like gray-blues, plush pinks and sage into the space. Organic and natural materials such as wood, cotton and wool are heavily featured in this design style. It’s a style that’s full of life without being chaotic.

Rustic Grove Wood Planks in Dark Gray

Modern Industrial Design Style

The Modern Industrial Design trend combines minimalism with unique textures like exposed brick, rafters, concrete, iron and other weathered surfaces. Since the Modern Industrial Design style was inspired by factories, this look is difficult to replicate in a small space. To achieve this look, allow raw metal decorative items to play against a wood or exposed brick wall. Choose vintage furnishings with simple forms and lines.