A Nod to Yesteryear

The homeowner desired the authenticity of real tin for her ceiling. The Saginaw design in Argento adds richness and depth to her living room in a nod to yesteryear.

The Saginaw design features Arts and Crafts-style floral elements in a dynamic, non-symmetrical fashion. This pattern enlivens any room and delights with its sense of whimsy.

Ceiling tile featured in this photo:

Saginaw in Argento

Available in 10 colors and 10 styles

Key Features

  • Impervious to corrosion, impacts and stains for superior durability
  • Superior look and feel to thinner gauge metals
  • Cuts with tin snips

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Achieve the Authentic Look of Yesteryear.

Capture the classic look of yesteryear with authentic tin ceilings. Made in the U.S. of real , Great Lakes Tin Ceilings are available in 10 styles and 10 color finish choices.

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